The Star on Young’s Hill haMtTomStars been a beacon to Liberty residents and highway travelers for 50 years.  Each Christmas we look westerly to see the Star hanging in the dark sky without much thought as to where or how it came to be.
Richard VanAlstyne was the idea behind the Star and constructed it on his property.  He maintained it and kept it lit for years until illness took the life of this family man, trooper, snowmobile enthusiast and civic minded individual.
The family grew up and moved on but continued visiting Liberty for years.  Several weeks ago Spirit of Liberty members were approached by Chris VanAlstyne, son of Richard, at Charlies Pizzeria.  He wanted to know if we were “locals” as he was interested in finding the fine folks who have been the force behind keeping the Star lit on Young’s Hill for 50 years.
Chris made contact with the Bult & Johnstone families who took it upon themselves to keep the Liberty tradition alive and well.   His wish is to also connect with those civic groups that have also been so involved over the years.
Just as I anxiously awaited the lighting of the Christmas Star in December as a child, so have my own children who are now grown into adulthood !  We aspire to the continued lighting of the Star and to Chris who has returned to Liberty to give us all a boost of enthusiasm and pride,  just as his Dad wished upon us all 50 Christmases ago.


  1. JP Bult Sr. says:

    This article is very much appreciated . My Mom would be proud . My brother Tim Bult as well as Stephen Johnstone and his son , have been taking care of that Star now since Mom passed away in 2009 , and their efforts have been appreciated by all in the area . Thank you to Mr. VanAlstyne for starting something special so many years ago. That star has been such a huge part of our upbringing ,on that hill , and we look forward to it every Christmas Season .
    JP Bult Sr .

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    • JP – I would very much like if you could put together an story for this page on your Mom, your brother, Johnstones, and anyone else there on Young’s Hill that has been involved with the Star! I have been looking at that Star all my life and it IS SOMETHING SPECIAL for all of us who grew up looking forward to its lighting up the sky the first week of December and taking us through the Christmas season into January. Although I have moved across town & out of my childhood home – and not looking at it from our front porch, I pass it on the way home from work and still remembering those special wintry Christmas nights of long ago !

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  2. frankurpil2yahoocom says:

    A special thank-you for all those past and present who, first of all had the beautiful idea of the Star, and to those who are preserving the idea and adding it to our heritage.


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