What a great day for a hike …. and what a beautiful place !    Walnut Mountain Park on a summer day.  The afternoon was hot, humid and sunny but the woods were cool and fragrant.  Dappled sun bounced off branches and trees.


Leaves swayed lightly as a soft breeze blew past us.  A milkweed patch was busy with orange and yellow monarch butterflies.  A grassy field dotted with goldenrod opened before us…..and we hiked on…..

IMG_20180809_120509600 (1)

We headed straight up the hill but along the way found marked paths branching off that intrigued us.  I wanted to take the one marked “easy”, but was out-voted by my 2 hiking partners who opted for something more challenging.  I didn’t protest as I was enjoying the scenery along the way.


The path circled on through woods & fields.  A trickle of slow moving water over green mossy rocks turned hard soil into soft mud.


Walking-sticks in hand we entered a clearing …. and sunlight up ahead.   The woods have to be experienced slowly.  There is so much to see!IMG_20180809_123227335_HDR

Walnut Mountain Park ….. enjoy it……. keep it clean & beautiful…… and don’t litter !






  1. Gary W Nichols says:

    I loved reading about my boyhood wonderland. Walnut Mountain was my backyard. I explored that mountain thoroughly during my youth. My most precious memories are of that place. Thanks for taking me there again while I sit in a Nashville parking lot waiting for a doctors appointment. You made me feel better that he ever could.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I think I know one of your walking partners in that photo ! He will keep you moving ! Great pictures and story. Did you pick that trash up off the trails?


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