It may be hard to believe but there are people among us who willfully violate cemeteries in our communities.  Particularly upsetting is the deliberate toppling of stones where people may gather to drink, party and litter the place where family members and ancestors lie.


We are partly to blame, as a community,  because we have left areas unguarded and ill maintained.  Money that should be available for care is gone or not allocated for upkeep.  We have turned our backs on those that have lived before us.  If we can’t be responsible for those who have passed on, can we be responsible for those now living in our communities?  I see a direct correlation.  If our dead are easy to forget, so too are our living.

In spite of these disturbing sights there are many who feel this has to be rectified.  It was with great respect and admiration as I watched these men right stones that were toppled.



Great thanks to Elton Harris for his expertise in how to get this done;  Gene Burns & Rob Ackerly for their dedication in this endeavor.  We would like to engage interested parties in continued work days … those interested in history, genealogy, preservation and those wishing to assist with a good cause!

We will be persuing cameras, lights, volunteer patrols and work days in the near future.  Please contact Spirit of Liberty to stay connected.



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