Liberty has been buzzing with energy for months with work on a new Interpretive Trail at Walnut Mountain Park in cooperation with the “Friends of Walnut” who work to promote the beauty of this 265 acre park;  0300207271549319905157194451100improvements at the Parksville Rail Trail where you can enjoy biking, hiking & cross-counrty skiing;  teens joining in for a Main Street clean-up day;  the purchase of the Liberty Theater by local Bruce Davidson with restoration plans in progress;


the opening of the New Munson Diner;  the beautiful hanging flower baskets & flowers in the 2 traffic circles; walking Main Street to pursue code enforcement; the beautiful exterior preservation & landscaping of the Keller Building.

And why all the buzz???  Because Sullivan Reniassance was putting towns & villages on notice that the competition was on !  Those places that spruced up their communities could be eligible for money awards…..the grand prize being the Golden Feather $250,000 award.  IMG_20170525_151423

The challenge was taken !  Supervisor Brian Rourke & Mayor Ron Stabak united efforts of their governmental boards to address issues in Liberty’s Downtown Historic District.  They said the district is the “heartbeat of our township & its physical condition and visual appeal is essential to any revival”.

With this in mind many individuals, groups and volunteers spent much time and energy with the Golden Feather as the prize!

After months of eager participation the Ceremony was held tonight at the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts.  Volunteers, businesspeople, teachers, clergy & elected officials were acknowledged for their work in moving Sullivan County forward.  parksville-o-and-w-cce4e48f5056b3a_cce4e5cd-5056-b3a8-4974be2fd65394c3

With great expectation Liberty was announced as the winner of the Golden Eagle and the grand prize!  Many thanks to Brian and Keri-Ann Poley for their enthusiasm, support and dedication in this effort.





  1. frankurpil2yahoocom says:

    Special thanks to the on-going efforts of the Spirit Of Liberty in working so closely with Brian Rourke to achieve this goal. ….We know a lot of work is ahead but with these motivated people, the teachers encouraging students and this wonderful leadership…..Liberty is in good hands. God bless.


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