CaptureI love music…’s playing in the background of my life all day long. In the car; at work; at home when cleaning the house…. It’s always on somewhere. It was always on when I was home with our children… in the background of our days…..doing homework, chores, cooking dinner. We listened, we danced, we sang…..we enjoyed the rhythm of music in our lives.

It wasn’t any surprise when we decided to start our children on piano lessons from Aunt Chris at the age of 3. It wasn’t a surprise when Papa decided to start them on the fiddle shortly thereafter. Each of our children had their preferred instrument. Our youngest called the piano a “finger magnet”.  She couldn’t walk by it without playing a little tune.  Our oldest daughter heard the violins play the Nutcracker Suite at a concert and said, “Oh Mom, it’s so beautiful”.  Our son would bang out Rolling Stones on the piano in one breath & switch to Classical in the next.   The “live” music has ceased in my home as the kids are grown & moving on , which is sad for me.  When I have the opportunity to enjoy LIVE music it is not only a treat…it is treasured !

Who doesn’t remember the live music bands we had at the Station, The Place and Bum & Kells out in Loch Sheldrake. Live music in the local gathering places was the thing to do in the summer. We listened, we danced, we sang…… That all fell by the wayside and has become a forgotten piece of Liberty.  capture.png

So, when I heard that Brian Rourke had opened a live music venue in Liberty I looked forward to it with great expectation!!  He remodeled an old & antique livery barn complete with massive ceiling beams & wide wooden floorboards. A loft complete with hay bales and an old leather saddle slung over the balcony rail added to the “old” feeling of days past in Liberty.  Back then the barn housed horses & in later years it became a mechanics shop.  I always remember seeing it at the bottom of Grant Street … uneventful and obscure.

That all changed & this old structure was given a new lease on life. The first band we saw there was “Too Blue” who describe themselves as “traveling freely between the genres of bluegrass, swing, Celtic & jazz…with a dose of serious fun” thrown in. They say their “smooth harmonies & adventurous musicianship bring stellar arrangements to life” which I can attest to.  Banjo, mandolin, stand-up bass, fiddle, guitar and vocals !!  How can you go wrong with that !  Once the music started I was ready to get dancing ! As Joan Harrison, guitarist for Too Blue said, “The Barn is one sweet venue. The charming restoration, state of the art sound system and warm vibes provide an intimate musical experience for both the listener and the performer…Keep this gem on your musical radar!”  

 TOO BLUE will be playing again at the Downtown Barn on Saturday, August 4th.  COME TO LIBERTY FOR A NIGHT OUT OF LIVE MUSIC!  Doors open at 7pm, show at 8pm.  $12 at the door….Roscoe Beer & wine available


  1. frankurpil2yahoocom says:

    Looking forward to a wonderful show in the Downtown Barn. Too Blue…you are great. Have to get there early & get my seat.


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