Our local Veteran’s Cemetery sits on a high hill overlooking Liberty’s Village.In circles around a flagpole,  lie our local hero’s that served in the wars of our past.

As we get ready to celebrate the 4th July with fireworks, parades and family parties let’s not forget that we celebrate a moment in our history back in 1776 that was made possible by those who fought in the Revolutionary War declaring our independence from Great Britian as the United States of America.

Recently there has been concern that some areas of our local cemeteries are in need of care.

In cooperation with Elton Harris of Harris Funeral Home, Spirit of Liberty volunteers Cindy & Veronica Gieger and Veteran Heinrich Wilhelm assisted in the first of many cooperative work days to restore the resting places of those we remember.


Amidst rainy conditions, a total of 12 gravesites were straightened with Eltons guidance.  It was a tribute to our local veterans who served our country well.

IMG_20180623_105006 (4)

 In a joint effort & across the street on Cold Spring Road, Knights of Columbus members Gene Burns & Jim Dennis were in the Old Liberty Cemetery working to free many gravesites of brambles & brush.

We thank Liberty Supervisor, Brian Rourke for his support in this project and his reaching out to our local Veterans.  The reclamation efforts of both cemeteries will continue thanks to the dedication of many !



4 thoughts on “VETERANS CEMETERY

  1. frankurpil2yahoocom says:

    Many thanks to all those who are working hard to restore areas of our cemetery, the older veterans circle and the neglected grave sites in the oldest part of the cemetery. Our heritage is important to our future.


  2. Anonymous says:

    It seems as though the extremely old section of the cemetery up there has been forgotten for a very long time. I remember that corner being over run with brush and broken tree limbs since I was a child. Thanks for remembering the forgotten.


  3. frankurpil2yahoocom says:

    How incredible…..I went to see what my son-in-law, Gene Burns and Jim Dennis were working on one day. I could not believe that totally forgotten area of graves. They have uncovered old toppled stones, but also some magnificent monuments from, I assume, notables in our local history.


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