Town of Liberty Supervisor – Brian Rourke



Back in October Brian Rourke posted on Facebook, “I’ve been asked a hundred times whether I was “crazy”, “lost my mind” or just took a “blow to the head” to be seeking the Town Supervisor position in Liberty”. He was asked why he would voluntarily leave the security, prestige, salary & benefits of a 14 year judgeship to run for this office. He thought of the “impossible & thankless task” of the taxes….worn out buildings…tension in the Town Hall…the dissention in the other departments…the abrupt resignations….clearly the government must be dysfunctional” they would say.

But, Brian moved ahead believing he could be a positive influence and make a difference in Liberty. Instead of looking at all the negatives flourishing in the town he chose to overlook its shortcomings and move ahead. He acknowledges a town that has been welcoming and good to him for the past 31 years; he appreciates a town that has been a good place to raise his children; he recognizes the tremendous individuals and families that live here and he chose to step into the political arena to give back to Liberty.

How positive we all felt when he won the election in a landslide and began to look forward with optimism. Brian is a mover and a do-er…. freshing in a climate where things move slowly and take forever to get done. Rather than just talk, Brian wants to get things done.

So how upsetting it was this week to learn  – from Facebook – that there are already stirrings of opposition to things he wants to do. It was posted that Brian decided to appoint Bruce Davidson as his Deputy Supervisor which was quickly met with discord from the Town Board.  We don’t know all the details and hopefully answers can be forthcoming at the Town Board meeting.  Those who care about Liberty and it’s future for ourselves, our families, our children … please come out to this meeting.

Brian has to be commended for stepping out and opening the Downtown Barn. This is a tremendous live music venue that is way ahead of Liberty’s time ! We are so fortunate to have this caliber of musical talent coming to Liberty….the likes of which has never been seen here! He has spent time, effort and expense over the past several years doing the impossible on Darbee Lane.  We are thankful for Brian’s determination, commitment and involvement in Liberty !


Bruce has to be commended as well,  for his involvement in purchasing the Liberty Theater on Main Street. For YEARS this building – once a beautiful example of art, architecture, community involvement and Liberty pride – has stood behind a black wall. The wall came to represent the downtrodden & depressed Liberty.   Within a short time of his purchase, Bruce DID bring the wall down, with every intention of renovating and refurbishing this jewel. How thankful we are to Bruce and so appreciative of HIS determination, committment and involvment in Liberty.


Both men have to be supported in the efforts they have put forth thus far which are supportive of the arts & music.  They not only talk….they are doing the work. If ever Liberty is going to rebound and get back to the great town it once was, that time is now.

PLEASE ATTEND THE NEXT BOARD MEETING?   January 16th at 7pm at the Senior Center at 119 N. Main Street to support Brian & Bruce. We need them both for the good of Liberty !  Let’s move ahead, work together as a team and assist all those who are working so hard to improve our Town.  They need our support.

Can you respond with a “commitment of attendance” to let us know how many people we might expect.

Thank you !

Spirit of Liberty

2 thoughts on “Town of Liberty Supervisor – Brian Rourke

  1. Frances kurpil says:

    I intend to be at the meeting on January 16th. I am fully committed to whatever we need, to support Brian Rourke and thankful that Bruce Davidson has stepped up to salvage the once beautiful theater building. Best of luck to Brian and his efforts.


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