There is no denying that Main Street Liberty is in quite the state of blight.  Sadly, the town that I’ve known my whole life has seen better days.  In light of this situation the Spirit of Liberty was begun…out of frustration and out of a desire to enact change.

That change came in the way of a Clean-up day scheduled on a frigid Saturday morning in November!  As my thermometer read 20 degrees I wondered how many people would leave their warm homes to come out and pick litter !  I was hesitant and without much confidence but headed downtown armed with brooms, rakes, and garbage bags.

My hesitation was put at ease as the volunteers arrived:  Liberty High School Junior & Senior Honor Society students; LCHS  government students;  Project Identity and St. Peter’s Church teens.   We had adult leaders:  Cindy Nolan from Liberty High School;  Krista & Meg from Bethel Woods;  Anne-Louise from Sullivan Renaissance;  Septemberr Rielly from St. Peter’s, Yna from Manzi’s Cafe; Spirit of Liberty team members:  Linda Babicz and Cindy Gieger & her children Veronica and Cameron;   and even my Mom, Fran Kurpil who came ready with her garden tools to spruce up the flower boxes !

For 3 hours everyone pitched in and raked leaves in the park;  picked litter along Main,  School and Church Streets and even managed to wash a few windows along the way.  The business people were supportive and positive.  We thank you, too, Ellen and Louie for the offer of coffee at Floyd & Bobo’s !

The greatest positive for me was these young teens !  I’ve been a bit depressed walking Main Street for the past few months, but today I was inspired by the young people who came out to “fix the place” where they live.   Their energy, aspirations, and willingness to help … all for the good of Liberty was commendable !  The Spirit of Liberty looks forward to working with them towards a better Liberty….one that we can all be proud of !

We finished the day with lunch at Manzi’s Cafe under the service of Richard who managed to feed us all in his delightful space.  We visited and enjoyed this time to share stories of the day.  THANK YOU ALL !

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  1. Brian P. Rourke says:

    Thank you Julie and Spirit of Liberty for your desire, perseverance and hard work…Jen and I were sorry to miss this today but we were out of town. Count us in next time!


  2. Nancy Lomax says:

    How wonderful to see Liberty headed for a positive change. My generation ( Class of 1975) felt blessed to grow up in a beautiful town where businesses were thriving, families were unified, community events were plentiful and well attended, and our school was filled with spirit and pride. So thrilled to see this as a beginning of a positive transition!! I LOVED GROWING UP IN LIBERTY!! Nancy Manchester Lomax


  3. Jennifer Kurpil Diehl says:

    Wow !!! What an inspiration ! Please keep me posted on the next event ! I too being born and raised in Liberty love to see progress !


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