Liberty Press

LIBERTY PRESS is located in the old Hillig Photo Studio located at 94 North Main Street in Liberty.  The building, which is located in the Historic District,  was custom-built in 1914 by Otto Hillig who was Liberty’s distinguished native, photographer, trans-Atlantic pilot and builder of a castle on Washington Mountain, north of Liberty.  libertycastleThe 103 year old historic facade still displays the original decorative tile and stylized pilasters emblazoned with “Hillig” to either side of vintage window panes.

LIBERTY PRESS  is owned and operated by Nancy and Frank Benedek.  Frank’s story began in Hungary where his parents tried to escape oppression under Communist Soviet control.  Frank was only a year old when his parents made an escape from their country.  On their journey he was given sleeping medication to keep him from crying and giving them away.  More difficulties befell them when his mother fell and broke her leg.  Despite the circumstances the senior Benedek managed to get them all across the border safely into Austria.  They made their way to Italy where they lived for 5 years before finally immigrating to the United States. How ironic that this family’s struggle for freedom ultimately resulted in a business called “Liberty” Press!hilligIMG_9733a

Stepping inside the business you can hear the hum of machines at work as Frank tirelessly runs the presses in back.  He has been a pressman for 40 years and is the mastermind behind the business.  Nancy greets customers in the front office and manages its many aspects such as payroll, customer service, bindery and bookkeeping.  Jon Heaphy works as a graphic artist and email correspondent.   Nancy explains that the Liberty Press provides a service for many people who desire their products which  include business cards, postcards,  brochures, flyers, tickets, business forms, posters and ad journals – just to name a few.  Their services include graphic design, fax service, labels, color copies, folding & cutting.

With the advent of computers and the internet, running the business has been challenging, but Liberty Press provides a service to local towns, schools, restaurants and other businesses that appreciate a local face and a human voice on the other end of the telephone !  Any questions can be answered in a timely fashion by a local person ! Their reputation is stellar, quality top-notch, and customer service is provided with a smile !

Liberty Press,  94 North Main Street, Liberty, NY  12754

Hours:  Monday – Friday  8:30 – 5:00 PM

Phone/Fax  845.292.8151




One thought on “Liberty Press

  1. Frances kurpil says:

    Spirit of Liberty….that is one beautiful story about this wonderful family, their struggles and their long successful business on Main Street. It is all important also for our local heritage regarding Otto Hiliig. Yes, Liberty Press IS the best. Being in the building that is marked HILLIG….I will stop by and visit with Frank & Nancy.

    I think more could be done on a local level so that the Hillig legacy is not forgotten. Perhaps some kind of marker in the window explaining who Mr. Hillig was and what his claim to fame was in addition to the castle that was a landmark on the mountain where he marked LIBERTY in white stones that were visible for miles and miles, as that mountain is the highest point around town.


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