Christmas Star on Young’s Hill



 Richard VanAlstyne was the idea behind the Star and constructed it on his property.  He maintained it and kept it lit for years until illness took the life of this family man, trooper, snowmobile enthusiast and civic minded individual.
The family grew up and moved on but continued visiting Liberty for years.  Several weeks ago Spirit of Liberty members were approached by Chris VanAlstyne, son of Richard, at Charlies Pizzeria.  He wanted to know if we were “locals” as he was interested in finding the fine folks who have been the force behind keeping the Star lit on Young’s Hill for 50 years.
Chris made contact with the Bult & Johnstone families who took it upon themselves to keep the Liberty tradition alive and well.   His wish is to also connect with those civic groups that have also been so involved over the years.
Just as I anxiously awaited the lighting of the Christmas Star in December as a child, so have my own children who are now grown into adulthood !  We aspire to the continued lighting of the Star and to Chris who has returned to Liberty to give us all a boost of enthusiasm and pride,  just as his Dad wished upon us all 50 Christmases ago.

6 thoughts on “Christmas Star on Young’s Hill

  1. Fran Kurpil says:

    Yes, a sincere thank you to the VanAllstyne Family. I know my old class-mate, Linda Boldt was always interested in keeping it lit and now she has passed. I know that the tradition will go on , and what a wonderful feeling the day we were at Charlies Pizzeria doing a little meeting regarding Spirit of Liberty, and a smiling young man came up to us…..Chis VanAllstyne. A pleasure to meet him, and see his Dad’s enthusiasm in his heart ….for the continued lighting of the STAR


  2. Jennifer Diehl says:

    I always have a special feeling when I see that star lit. It is something that will always remind me of my life growing up in Liberty. Im happy about the enthusiasm to keep it going.


  3. I never knew the people responsible for the” Star of Liberty” and the history of it. It’s one of the things fondly remembered even after moving from town. I wonder what drove this man to begin this wonderful tradition and am excited to once again see the star when visiting my home town! My little boys loved it too; it was special!


    • Richard VanAlstyne was responsible for putting the Star on Young’s Hill. After he passed away the surrounding neighbors….Bults, Johnstones, and others (please fill me in) have kept the Star lit for 50 years! His son, Chris is on a search and reunion to thank those great people who have tended to OUR LIBERTY TRADITION !! Hopefully Chris will fill us in on his Dad’s desire to place this on a high hill overlooking Liberty ! We are looking for one of our local newspapers to pick up the quest, story & reunion. Anyone know a reporter that would like to publish a nice human interest Christmas story ?


  4. Fran Kurpil says:

    The Star is so beautiful. What a truly great idea that Mr. VanAlstyne had and what a wonderful gift to Liberty. It was great to meet his son that day outside of Charlie’s Pizzeria as the Spirit of Liberty was in the midst of plans to “make a difference” May the spirit of the star and the efforts of the VanAlstyne family live on.

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  5. cmaksrg says:

    Who does not remember the beautiful Liberty Christmas Star seen throughout Liberty and afar that reflected the true meaning of Christmas? And to think that neighbors selflessly kept the star glowing all these years! This is the same community spirit that still exists in liberty today !


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