Liberty Press

LIBERTY PRESS is located in the old Hillig Photo Studio located at 94 North Main Street in Liberty.  The building, which is located in the Historic District,  was custom-built in 1914 by Otto Hillig who was Liberty’s distinguished native, photographer, trans-Atlantic pilot and builder of a castle on Washington Mountain, north of Liberty.  libertycastleThe 103 year old historic facade still displays the original decorative tile and stylized pilasters emblazoned with “Hillig” to either side of vintage window panes.

LIBERTY PRESS  is owned and operated by Nancy and Frank Benedek.  Frank’s story began in Hungary where his parents tried to escape oppression under Communist Soviet control.  Frank was only a year old when his parents made an escape from their country.  On their journey he was given sleeping medication to keep him from crying and giving them away.  More difficulties befell them when his mother fell and broke her leg.  Despite the circumstances the senior Benedek managed to get them all across the border safely into Austria.  They made their way to Italy where they lived for 5 years before finally immigrating to the United States. How ironic that this family’s struggle for freedom ultimately resulted in a business called “Liberty” Press!hilligIMG_9733a

Stepping inside the business you can hear the hum of machines at work as Frank tirelessly runs the presses in back.  He has been a pressman for 40 years and is the mastermind behind the business.  Nancy greets customers in the front office and manages its many aspects such as payroll, customer service, bindery and bookkeeping.  Jon Heaphy works as a graphic artist and email correspondent.   Nancy explains that the Liberty Press provides a service for many people who desire their products which  include business cards, postcards,  brochures, flyers, tickets, business forms, posters and ad journals – just to name a few.  Their services include graphic design, fax service, labels, color copies, folding & cutting.

With the advent of computers and the internet, running the business has been challenging, but Liberty Press provides a service to local towns, schools, restaurants and other businesses that appreciate a local face and a human voice on the other end of the telephone !  Any questions can be answered in a timely fashion by a local person ! Their reputation is stellar, quality top-notch, and customer service is provided with a smile !

Liberty Press,  94 North Main Street, Liberty, NY  12754

Hours:  Monday – Friday  8:30 – 5:00 PM

Phone/Fax  845.292.8151




Liberty Market

While driving down Liberty Main Street several months ago I kept noticing the decorated windows in the Sunflower Health Food Store.  As I passed I wondered why the Health Food store was displaying women’s fashion….. beautiful outfits, bags, and shoes.   I had to stop and investigate.  Wandering inside I was thrilled to see a display of tops, dresses, and jewelry.  Wow !!  A women’s clothing shop in Liberty !!  Could this possibly be? 

The Health Food Store had been sold and here was a new business in its place.  I never expected a woman’s shop!  Greeting me was the owner, Ivelisse who with her bright smile and friendly personality was more than helpful filling me in on her line of clothing.  In the back room she pointed out her line of gorgeous bridesmaid and formal dresses by David Tutera.  Any young lady will be certain to find something to suit her for prom, special event or wedding!  Ive has not only a passion for fashion, but goes out of her way to make you feel comfortable in her shop.  She says, “customers walk in as strangers, but leave as friends”.  I can say this is certainly true.  I’ve only known Ive for a few months but feel like its been forever !

Co-owner,  Paul is a 12 year Veteran with the Army Reserves and Air National Guard.  He is the proud wholesaler of Nine Line apparel which is veteran owned and operated.  Not only does he carry this apparel for men, but women, as well!  In researching what “Nine Line” means I found out that it is a medvac request for a soldier that is injured on the battlefield.  To a soldier Nine Line symbolizes patriotism, hope and trust in one’s countrymen. 

Nine Line apparel strives to invigorate a sense of patriotism and national pride that seems to be disappearing from our society.  Nine Line respects the flag and what it stands for; supports those who have served and continue to serve in the military, police, fire or any public service;  and wants to make being patriotic something to be proud of !

As I wandered the beautifully decorated shop I was intrigued with the Nine Line T-shirts I found!   When I picked up a t-shirt that read, “I stand for the National Anthem”, I knew I had to have it!   I bought one with the American Flag on the back for my husband and he was just as impressed as I was.  He asked me to get him several more !

The following weekend we were stopped getting an ice cream, wearing our Nine Line shirts!  A truck pulled in behind us and several young guys got out.  They commented on our great shirts with the flags and wanted to know where we got them!  I was proud to say, “The Liberty Market”… In Liberty ! istando.jpg

71 North Main Street, Liberty     Telephone  –  845.707.1994
Hours of Operation:  Closed Sunday & Monday
Tuesday through Saturday 11:30 – 7:30

Christmas Star on Young’s Hill

The Star on Young’s Hill has been a beacon to Liberty residents and highway travelers for 50 years.  Each Christmas we look westerly to see the Star hanging in the dark sky without much thought as to where or how it came to be.


 Richard VanAlstyne was the idea behind the Star and constructed it on his property.  He maintained it and kept it lit for years until illness took the life of this family man, trooper, snowmobile enthusiast and civic minded individual.
The family grew up and moved on but continued visiting Liberty for years.  Several weeks ago Spirit of Liberty members were approached by Chris VanAlstyne, son of Richard, at Charlies Pizzeria.  He wanted to know if we were “locals” as he was interested in finding the fine folks who have been the force behind keeping the Star lit on Young’s Hill for 50 years.
Chris made contact with the Bult & Johnstone families who took it upon themselves to keep the Liberty tradition alive and well.   His wish is to also connect with those civic groups that have also been so involved over the years.
Just as I anxiously awaited the lighting of the Christmas Star in December as a child, so have my own children who are now grown into adulthood !  We aspire to the continued lighting of the Star and to Chris who has returned to Liberty to give us all a boost of enthusiasm and pride,  just as his Dad wished upon us all 50 Christmases ago.

Town & Country Antiques

town2The Town & Country Antiques building was built in 1885 and over the years has been used as a meeting hall, clothing store and  theater.  In the late 1800’s the first floor was renovated as an auditorium for the Lyric Theatre and the second floor housed the Grand Room where the International Order of Odd Fellows Lodge had their meeting hall.  The theatre showed silent films and hosted vaudeville acts and competed with The Opera House which was located across the street where the Green building stands today.  The building was owned by John Darbee and the street that runs from Main past the Downtown Barn bears his name.

The street level was returned to a store function as “Town and Country Sportswear”, and it’s distinctive geometric facade was constructed in 1953.  Liberty suffered economic downturn as the resort industry faded and the building suffered, as well.   In the 1990’s a Department of Transportation intersection improvement project slated the vacant and deteriorated property for demolition to build a parking lot. Luckily an action group of local residents investigated the history of the building and discovered it to be one of the oldest surviving buildings on Main Street.

In 2005 Eric Liepens purchased the building and in preparing the north side for painting and power washing, they exposed a ghost sign for Gold Medal Flour.  It was under a coat of paint from the 1930’s and faux brick probably put on in the 1940’s.  They were left with a decision:  pretend like they didn’t see it or restore it.  They were encouraged by many, such as the late Alan Berube to restore the sign.  And what a beautiful restoration it turned out to be!   As Mary Ellen says, “it is a part of the fabric of Liberty’s history.”   GM_sign.header

Being in the antique business the Liepens family is all about preservation. They are the “caretakers” of things that can be passed on to other generations to enjoy.  Browsing through their store will bring back many memories, and browsers are always welcome.  Visit them at 1 North Main Street in Liberty.

1 North Main Street, Liberty, NY


open Thursday, Friday, Sunday 10AM – 5PM
          Saturday 10AM – 3:30PM
closed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Online at


Spirit of Liberty

19225655_1433144316732674_8433260926466065305_nSeveral weeks ago myself, Fran, Cindy and Linda set out to visit the local businesses along Liberty’s Main Street.  Our initial agenda was to start a association of businesses so everyone could connect and support each other.  We visited over 30 businesses and left a survey with most of you to fill out and return.  We thank those who got back to us.  We’ve received many suggestions and ideas which we will relay to you. The first question we asked was, “what do you like best about downtown Liberty”.  Some of the responses were the flower baskets,  Floyd & Bobo’s Bakery, and the park.



Comment: This is simply a beautiful summary of Liberty..a town so many love and call home..this is a great window into the history and renewed enthusiasm needed to revitalize our town to its former glory!

Liberty Main Street

Main Street Liberty was once a busy and thriving business center.  Recently it has fallen on hard economic times and buildings have fallen into disrepair.  As we visited the businesses, however, we found that the people were welcoming and positive!  And that was nice to hear.

Liberty Main Street

Main Street Liberty was once a busy and thriving business center. Recently it has fallen on hard economic times and buildings have fallen into disrepair. As we visited the businesses, however, we found that the people were welcoming and positive! And that was nice to hear.